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Who we are

Deventer Burgerscap (Deventer citizenship / citizenry) is a diverse Dutch group of friends who share a passion for late medieval Living History. Together we strive to recreate a piece of the past, so we and other people can experience it. We portray burgers (citizens) of the Hanseatic merchant town of Deventer in the year 1370 A.D. We show its inhabitants, labourers, craftsmen, civil servants and merchants in times of peace and in times of war.

What we do

The first step in Living History is doing research into the material and immaterial culture of the past. With this knowledge we aim to recreate tools, arms, food, clothing and furniture, so that we can incorporate them in our interactive display and show the society, crafts and professions that made them and used these. Educating ourselves ánd a wider audience is one of our goals, be it through social media or face to face on one of our events.

Our vision

To ‘re-enact’, is to ‘re-perform’ a specific occasion of the past. With our group we are not reenacters per se because we want to make a broader piece of history come alive, a piece of a long gone society with all its facets. When we are working on a project to recreate something, we are thrilled if multiple sources ranging from art to extant objects to texts all support each other and make our project greater than the sum of its parts.

Deventer Burgerscap is a sub-group of Die Landen van Herwaerts Over.